Our Story & Mission

Vet Bracelet

Since 2018, The Man Project has set itself a tough and audacious challenge: to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. It is a tough challenge for many reasons. While there is no biological reason as to why women should live longer than men, history tells us that average life expectancy for men is lower. Men are slow to take action when they experience a health problem.

When they do take action, it is often too late. Indeed traditional notions of masculinity often characterise it as a weakness for a man to acknowledge he has a health problem (especially a mental health problem) and that it is not OK to talk about it and take action.

The Man Project has embraced this challenge and dedicated itself to designing and implementing an investment strategy that achieves the greatest possible impact. The Man Project is an independent global men’s foundation with a vision to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. Operating in 21 countries around the world, the Foundation is committed to driving significant improvements in men’s health.

How will we do this? Differently, thats how.

In comparison to donating directly as most organisations are alike, we have teamed up with local and international well known brands and manufacturers to create a collection of mens clothing and accessories to sell in exchange for the financial support of brothers all around the globe.

Each purchase from our Mens Collection gets donated at the end of every month to well known and likeminded organisations such as the Movember Foundation, Beyond Blue and Unite Mental Health.

In tackling these issues, we believe that we will achieve results faster through fostering and facilitating collaboration both at a national and international level, leveraging our unique role as a global charity across 21 countries.

We are overwhelmed by the support from over 7000+ Brothers from all around the globe who have helped shape our organisation into what it is today.


Message from the boys at Man Project

Hey Men/Legends, We would like to reiterate and inform everyone before purchasing that we ARE NOT a non-for-profit organisation, rather a group of mates whom set out to do our best to raise awareness and financial support for local and international mental health organisations, we are overwhelmed and extremely grateful for how far this has come and continue to grow into other countries due to the massive support from all you legends. We are still learning and adapting to what has become our full time job & focus as we continue our efforts to grow and hopefully in the near future become a worldwide non-for-profit organisation that supports men/legends around the globe. In order to achieve this we take 10-15% of each purchase to allow for expansion and growth within this company to afford the resources and market this project. We share this as we like being completely transparent with each and every single one of you legends that support us.

From the bottom of our hearts, we raise a beer to everyone that has supported this project thus far and its been crazy for us to see how many men want to support one another. Lets keep it going 🍻🍻🍻🍻